Lyric Lounge #1: Hopeless, Legacy, & Kin

Halsey “Good Mourning” (Audio)

Hopeless is described as having no expectation of good or success or incapable of redemption or improvement.

It’s easy to base your life and success off of what your family has accomplished in their own lives. It’s easy to feel like you won’t amount to much because your family hasn’t accomplished what you long for.

You think you are only going to amount as much success as your family has before you. Your legacy, capabilities, and life expectancy and fulfillment will only be in the spectrum of what your family’s.

This can leave you in a state of hopelessness, as described in the lyric.

Here’s the truth.

Nothing more than a state of mind, hopeless is not passed down genetically, but it passed down mentally and behaviorally… if you allow it!

It is based by your own determination and will.

So strive and do not allow your family’s legacy to determine yours. Do not let their success, failures, and everything in between determine your path in life.

Don’t get discouraged. Hopeless is just a temporary emotion that will linger only as long as you allow it.

Nothing but a state of mind


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