How to Become Reinspired

Summer is here!

For some people, it’s a nice break and a chance to travel and pursue their interests. It’s a time to “have time” to do stuff.

But not so much for some.

I’ve been talking to a lot of my friends, some are in their last couple years in college, others are in the workforce, and some live at home and are just trying to get by. None of these people that I know know each other, yet they all express a similar thing to me.

“I’m feeling stuck.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing honestly. I don’t want to think about it.”

“I just don’t know Megan. *silence in further response*”

These were literally three responses I got from three different friends. One works full-time, one is in college, and the other one works nights. Two of them aren’t sure what they are doing with their lives or what the next step is, and one is feeling stuck in thought.

You Need to Reflect!

Life has two waves: high and low. High waves are those feelings of enthusiasm, productive, optimistic, and just overall love for life. Low waves are those feelings of anxiety, depression, stagnation, and just distraction.

When we are in our low waves, we want to distract ourselves from whatever it is that we have to take action towards. This can be thinking about it, reevaluating ourselves, facing fears, reflecting, and taking the necessary actions to get out of this low tide.

Now, something that needs to be said is that each wave is necessary! Highs and lows are inevitable in life. One cannot appreciate the highs without having to crawl out of the lows. Lows are just as important and necessary because it is a time of reflection in our lives. Reflecting our pasts, reflecting our present habits, reflecting our assumptions, reflecting our goals, and just reflecting on what life means to us.

Reflection is hard. Reflection is dark. Reflection reveals things we’ve tried to distract ourselves from and have hidden away deep in our hearts.

However dark and deep that reflection is though, it is what prepares you for your spring! You can think of this spring in two ways; spring time like the season, or spring like a spring that prepares something to fly high.

Whichever metaphor works for you, understand that reflection is that spring. It will be hard and painful, but know there is light in the end.

If you aren’t sure how to reflect, here’s a quick idea list (I’ll create & post a future post so I’ll leave this parenthesized comment here for later;). It’s super important to create a physical manifestation through some medium of your thoughts (writing, audio, visual, etc.)

Ideas for Methods of Reflection:

  • journaling (stream of consciousness, drawings, poetry, etc.)
  • speak through voice memo to yourself
  • record yourself (camera, phone, etc.)
  • talk to a friend (make it a group activity)
  • pray

Thoughts, Ideas, Questions to Ask in Reflection:

  • What do I feel? Why do I feel this way?
  • Who am I?
  • Who do I desire to be with NO LIMITS? Why?
  • What qualities do I have?
  • What qualities do I wish I have?
  • What do I want to improve on?
  • What is love to me?
  • Who is in my life that makes me feel?
  • Where do I want to be, go, see? Why?
  • What is nostalgia to me?
  • What are my favorite things in life?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What are the biggest goals I’ve ever wished to achieve/accomplish?
  • How can I get there?

Seek Inspiration

After reflection, we usually go to brainstorming and dreaming. We start wondering who we could be and it’s just such a beautiful, almost nostalgic feeling.

It can be tricky if you aren’t sure what you want. For some, reflection is all they need to reevaluate and redefine themselves; however, for others they need new inspiration.

Here’s some quick ideas:

  • music
  • favorite celebrities (actresses, models, writers, artists, etc.)
  • Instagram, Pinterest
  • books
  • YouTubers, Influencers
  • quotes
  • places (cultures, languages, foods, scenery, etc.)
  • vision board

There are so many things to gain inspiration from, it’s just you taking the initiative. It will always be your responsibility to take action for what you want.

Inspiration comes in a variety of forms, it just depends on what speaks out to you the most. Personally, I am someone who finds inspiration through content creators, book characters, music, and places.

The truth is, inspiration can only come if one has reflected to begin with. You can’t know what needs to change or what new vibe to look for if you haven’t reflected within yourself to see what hasn’t worked out.

You need to take that first action, reflection, to really be able to even move onto the next step. The next step in seeking inspiration requires a lot more actions (ex: researching, going places, writing, drawing, discovering, etc), compared to the first action. How can you expect to find long term inspiration if you haven’t even reflected on the very soul that needs the inspiration?

End Note: My Mini-Story to Inspire You

For my 22nd birthday I went to a couple of art museums in D.C to get reinspired. I was feeling a state of stagnation from September 2018 until about a couple weeks ago. I just wasn’t enjoying my life and found that who I was wasn’t who my soul wanted to be. My soul’s voice became so loud that no amount of distraction and not even sleep could silence the cry in my soul. So, I dug deep, reflected, and have been in my state of spring.

I travelled through D.C to find inspiration. I’ve searched through Spotify for some new music to match this new vibe. I’ve been journaling, reading, and learning again. It’s such a beautiful state of being and such a transformative wave. I may not feel this way everyday, but I know it’s my spring because despite the bad days, I know that there are better days ahead and I know that I am in control and have enough self-awareness to see it.

I think the thing I want you to take away the most is that you shouldn’t be focusing on becoming inspired, you should be focusing on reflecting and redefining. Inspiration only comes once the soul has been cleansed; when the soul has new space and new life. You need ride your low tide in order spring into that high tide.

I hope this helps you find your start for spring and start taking action this summer too 😉


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