BLOGMAS Day #I Pt. I Beginning (2019)

Origins of Vlogmas: The Trend that Changed YouTube’s December

So Vlogmas has been a huge phenomena throughout the vlogging community via YouTube. According to Resource Magazine, it all began December 2011 when  Ingrid Nilsen was inspired to vlog and post each day of December. Another article by Refinery 29 also says that she was the originator of the trend.

Vlogmas is a series many YouTubers participate (and oftentimes trends on YouTube during the month of December) in by posting a video EVERY day from December 1st to December 25th.

It’s basically Advent for creators (minus the religious aspect) to create videos and content consistently.

My Blogmas Beginning

So, I’ve tried doing Vlogmas each year since 2016, but just couldn’t do it. I feel stupid and lose all sense of my intelligence the second I click the red record button on my camera. It just does NOT happen.

I’ve also been trying to blog and create content on my website for a couple years now, only to delete and start over more times than I am willing to admit.

There’s just so much pressure for perfection and the need to create the perfect aesthetic. The market for blogging is HUGE and it feels like I’m just a minnow lost in a sea of sharks. There’s so many prominent and veteran bloggers out there, mixed with the BILLIONS of mini minnows like me trying to be seen.


Something that I’ve been hearing from every blogger, entrepreneur, and self-employed person that creates content preaches the same thing:

Consistency is the key to your success. No. Matter. What.

So, here I am. I decided at 4:06am EST on December 13th (Friday the 13th ya’ll, this may be a mistake) to do BLOGMAS!

Since I’m too jittery and out of my element on camera, I shall type and try my luck here. I can’t guarantee that it’ll amount to anything. After all, I’m just a 22 year old who lives at home with my parents while I attend online university working as a nightstocker.

Yeah, that’s a high achieving child that parents like to brag about.

How I’ll be doing Blogmas

Basically, I’ll do at least one post each day which talks about anything. There may be days where I have a topic (like Pt. 2 which talks about Advent) or I just might have a personal essay style piece.

The purpose of this series is to just write consistently and not think too much on the “blog” aspect and just practice writing. Writing is my passion, which means that it can be very hard to share with others and even harder to not expect perfection.

Perfection. Ugh, I hate this word honestly. I’ve spent nearly 4 years trying to “perfect” everything when it comes to creating, writing, and just sharing my projects. It’s hard to share when you are your own worst critic. I’ve had a mentor tell me “Megan, stop editing so much,” but I find it just so HARD to do because I always think in my head:

Megan, you are not good enough. Megan, this needs to be fixed. Megan, if this is the best you can do then don’t do it. Megan, you’re not a writer. Megan, you’re not a creator. Megan, you can’t do it.

I’m tired of these voices honestly. There are times when I feel confident and proud that I have a good understanding of my craft, but then there are other times (especially when it’s my own work) where I’m just like “this is some shit why the hell did I think I can do this for a living?”

I want this Blogmas series to literally just be a way for me to write everyday without putting too much thought or “care” into it. I want just honest, raw, and true writing to just pour out. I want to practice and just get rid of the stigma of “oh, this is a blog I have to make it perfect!”

So yeah, here’s to BLOGMAS!!!

If you guys want to join feel free to comment below!

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