BLOGMAS EVE: 4 Christmas Anime Episodes!!!

Alright, so my whole “blogmas” concept was a bust; I hadn’t considered things like finals (yes, I have finals during Christmas/holidays), work (yes, I work during this time too), my internship, and just things that keep popping up in my life.

However, I still have today and tomorrow to participate! Late is better than never!

So, in celebration of Christmas Eve, here are some things to get into the Christmas spirit!

Anime Christmas Episodes!

I enjoy anime, I can’t say I “love” it since I’m very picky and only enjoy certain types/styles of anime, but the ones I do enjoy I LOVE and rewatch over and over again.

Something I noticed about me is that I enjoy watching Christmas themed anime episodes around this time of year from my favorite anime series! So, I figured I’d share them!

#1: Brother’s Conflict Ep. 4: Jealousy

It’s an adorable anime, but this episode (starting around 15:25) has the adorable Christmas aesthetic. Basically, the main character, Ema, goes to visit Natsume, one of her new “step-brothers”, to ask about a level in a game that his company is beta testing. They meet in a café where they talk about the game as well as talk about Azusa and Tsubaki (they’re identitcal twins and fraternal twins with Natsume). Apparently, Azusa had gotten a voice acting role that Tsubaki had auditioned for. Ema felt bad, arguing that Tsubaki’s passion for the specific role should count for something when it comes to voice acting, but Natsume says that’s just how the voice acting industry is.

After the café, Natsume walks Ema through a street filled with Christmas lights and before she leaves he gives her his scarf as his form of a “Christmas present”. His reasoning for giving it to her was that she always wears her hair up, even when it’s cold.

Overall, the episode is cute and that moment of “Christmas-y vibes” makes it count on my anime list of Christmas episodes!

Brother’s Conflict Ep. 4: Jealousy (Subs)

#2- Nijiro Days (Rainbow Days) Ep.1, 19, & 20

This slice-of-life anime is just the cutest! The first episode starts during Christmas when Natsuki Hashiba (aka-Natcchan) gets dumped by his girlfriend (whom we never see) and is sitting outside on a bench sulking. A girl in a Santa costume comes up to him and offers him a tissue pack. Through rose colored glasses, he falls hopelessly in love (just from that one gesture of tissues lol) and gives the mysterious “Santa-san (who we later know as Anna Kobayakawa) the pink scarf that was originally meant for his girlfriend (now ex). It’s mostly the beginning of the episode that has the “Christmas vibes”, but fear not, for the end of the series has ALL the Christmas vibes and Santa-san attention!

Nijiro Days Episode 1 (Subs)

Episodes 19 and 20 are ALL about Christmas! (Note:If you wanted, you could just do the rest of the series at that point, since it then follows to New Years, but I’ll be posting those suggestions around New Years anyway so I’m focusing on the Christmas themed ones).

Episode 19 follows Natsuki and one of his companions, Tsuyoshi, going shopping for Christmas presents. Natsuki wants to get someting nice for his crush, Anna, and Tsuyoshi needed to still get a gift for his girlfriend, Yukiko. The episode splits and follows Anna and her friend (who also has a crush on her) Mari, who both go Christmas shopping around the same mall/shopping complex as the guys.

The episode progresses to the next day, Christmas Eve, where Natsuki had asked Anna to go on a date. The episode also shows where the other secondary characters are spending their Christmas Eve’s, such as Tsuyoshi spending time at Yukiko’s place, dressed up in Santa cosplay, giving her the present he picked out the day before with Natsuki.

Nijiro Days Episode 19 (Subs)

Episode 20 is the continuation of episode 19, following the cliffhanger of Anna having to take a call and essentially ditch the date for a bit. Natsuki ends up waiting outside at the restaurant for her (since the restaurant had a time limit to wait), and begins to reflect on the relationship and how he and Anna first met. He ends up getting sick, which is to be expected from sitting outside in the cold.

I won’t ruin the ending, since that’s a major plot twist/giveaway.

Overall, these episodes are VERY Christmas-y and address the cute issues of finding presents for people that we care about and having that idea of a “romantic Christmas”. Again, it’s an adorable slice of life surrounding young love and cute archetypes.

Nijiro Days Episode 20 (Subs)

#3: Wolf Girl & Black Prince Ep. 5: An Impregnable Defense – Christmas Eve

Another slice of life, another cutesy Christmas episode! This anime’s Christmas episode follows the main character, Erika, stressing about taking a Christmas selfie with her “boyfriend” (long story short: she lied to her classmates about them being together, but he said he’d play along if she does what he says, but then she actually developed feelings). Anyways, the episode is short and sweet with the Christmas selfie vibes and presents!

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Ep. 5: An Impregnable Defense – Christmas Eve

#4: Sword Art Online Season 1, Ep. 3: Red Nosed Reindeer

So this Christmas episode is more of a sad one. The main character, Kirito, reflects on the death of his guild, whom were actually his friends in “real-life”. For those who’ve been living under a rock in the anime world, Sword Art Online is an anime about an RPG game taking control of the minds of its users (well, technically the creator of the game) by trapping their consciousness into the game. If they die in the game, they die in the “real-world” too. So, basically the game becomes their reality until someone beats all 100 levels of the game, Sword Art Online.

The episode’s Christmas vibes happen at around 13:27 of the show. Kirito goes on a special “holiday” edition battle challenge to receive a rare item by defeating a monster Santa Claus.

Sword Art Online Season 1 Ep. #3: Red Nosed Reindeer

Alright there’s my list!

Do you guys have any anime recommendations or Christmas episodes to add? Comment down below your thoughts!

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